For Once, A Choice for Small Business: The Democratic Lineup

Written by Jason Dias

How will each Democratic candidate treat small business? Jason Dias has his theories, but bottom line, at least there’s a choice this time. Here’s why he’s definitely going to be voting. Analysis.

aNewDojason-dias-anewdomain-amazon-kindlemain — For once, we have a real choice. I might even vote.

I know a number of our editors here don’t care much for him, but in my view Anderson Cooper is doing a great job in the CNN Democratic debate. He’s asking hard questions and keeping people on topic. Hillary, do you say whatever you have to say to get elected? Bernie, do you really think a socialist can get elected in the United States? Jim, isn’t it out of step with a largely non-white Democratic party to oppose affirmative action?

 Dog-whistle talk: work hard, play by the rules, make good. The American dream.

I blah-blah-blahed her there because she made a vague statement about small businesses. How many we’re starting, with no figures or attributions. It is therefore, naturally bullshit.

The truth about small business is that a) it’s suffering under a rigged system and b) most small business fail and c) many people are trying to run small businesses for the simple reason that there are no good jobs to get anymore.

Point to Sanders.

But on this issue and basically every issue, each candidate had a different answer to the question. They stood out from one another. They are different.

What you actually get when you elect one president, though, is anyone’s guess.

For aNewDomain, I’m Jason Dias.

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