R.J. Reynolds VUSE Digital Cigarette Lights Up (explainer, video)

Written by Sandy Berger

R.J. Reynolds brings cigarettes into the digital age. Introducing the VUSE digital cigarette. Coming soon to the lungs of a nicotine-addicted geek near you. Here’s Sandy Berger’s analysis and video covering the upcoming VUSE digital cigarette.

aNewDomain.net — Everyone knows how hard cigarette manufacturers have been hit ever since smoking came under fire as a major health risk and lawsuits ensued. Well, the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company has come up with a way to reinvent the smoking experience. Here’s more on the VUSE digital cigarette it showed at CES 2014.

Now the VUSE digital cigarette does contain nicotine. That’s the point. This is no smoking cessation device.

Instead, Reynolds is peddling the VUSE digital cigarette as an alternative smoking device — a device that monitors the power and heat that is delivered to the cartridge to ensure that each puff is consistent and satisfying.


Image credit: R.J. Reynolds

The VUSE digital cigarette is now available on just a limited basis, but R.J. Reynolds execs plan to increase distribution in the near future.

As the world moves closer and closer to a digital age, this cigarette manufacturing biz has found an interesting way to digitize an old-fashioned product and make it new again.

Check out my video below.

Video: Sandy Berger for aNewDomain/producer Justin Webb for aNewDomainTV

It’s a controversial  product, for sure, but it was par for the course at CES 2014. For aNewDomain.net, I’m Sandy Berger.

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