CES 2014: Cambrios ClearOhm Silver Nanowire Advances Touch (video)

Written by Alfred Poor

At CES 2014, Alfred Poor swings by ShowStoppers to check out Cambrios and its ClearOhm silver nanowire coating tech. Will it displace ITO in touch screens? That’s the idea …

aNewDomain.net — At CES 2014, our Alfred Poor gets the scoop on Cambrios ClearOhm, a CES 2014 Innovation and Design award winner for its groundbreaking silver nanowire coating solution. 

Ask Sri Peruvemba what he does for a living, and he may answer, “I make silver invisible.” He’s the chief marketing officer for Cambrios Technologies, and I got a chance to catch up with him at the Showstoppers press event in Las Vegas at CES 2014.

Read more about this tech below the fold.

Video: Alfred Poor for aNewDomain/Justin Webb, Producer, aNewDomainTV

Cambrios’ ClearOhm product uses tiny silver nanowires to create a transparent conductive layer that can be used to create touch screens and other devices. Partnering with Lenovo and LG Corp, among others, Cambrios ClearOhm makes it possible to create touch panels that are thinner, lighter, and more durable than the ITO layer that is currently used. The tech is ideal for the dash and for solar cells, too, he says. CES 2014 judges agreed and awarded Cambrios a coveted CES 2014 Innovation and Design prize.

Because of its silver nanowire design, ClearOhm likely will offer far greater optical and electrical performance than current ITO solutions. Check out the ClearOhm technology as Peruvemba demonstrated it for me, above.

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