Can You Trust the Internet? [infographic]

Written by Gina Smith

Trust the Internet? You’re kidding, right? Check out this infographic for all the deets on recent hacks, plus advice from hackers on staying safe.

aNewDomain — Reader Bill Nixon wrote in recently with the great infographic below, called Can You Trust the Internet?

Nixon, calling to mind the Heartbleed bug attack back in April of 2014, points out that “sat undetected for a full two years, affecting numerous customers and companies, including giants like NASA and Google?”

“There are lots of things we can do to protect ourselves,” he adds. “Let’s take a closer look at how hackers operate, where the biggest losses have occurred, and why. Do you know which devices you need to watch out for? Even everyday items, like your child’s remote controlled car, or your grandparent’s insulin pump are not immune to data breaches.

“The best way to learn how to stop, or at least slow down, hackers is to go to real hackers to find out. If we can get inside their minds and pick their brains, we can gain valuable insights into ways to fight back. Find out from the hackers how you can strengthen your data privacy. It’s time to take the necessary steps to make it harder for hackers instead of making it easier for them.”

Thanks, Bill Nixon.

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