What Are The Best Second Residency Programs in Central and South America

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Written by aNewDomain Staff

If you’re ready to pull up stakes and move to another country, check out these great second residency programs.

aNDBrandPoint — Undoubtedly Central America is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Whether you are tired of your country or you just want a second home, you should consider this region. The eternal sun, the wild ocean and the beautiful rainforests are all elements of a free lifestyle that will keep you in touch with nature.

The best way to get a second passport for another country is to get a second residency there. From this perspective, it is easier to move to Central or South America, and it also requires less money. You can always use Central America citizenship programs if you want to become a permanent resident there and citizenship experts will guide you in this process. If you are determined to get a second residency in Central or South America, let’s take a look at the countries with the best residency options.


This country is the best residency option out there. The only condition being that you to be a citizen in one of the 47 Friendly Nations (America, Canada, Australia and most of Europe are valid).

You will also need an economic tie to Panama, including a $5,000 bank deposit. With the help of a Panama attorney you can easily get residency. Five years of residency in the country will allow you to apply for citizenship. Another advantage for Panama is the fact that it does not tax you worldwide income.


Paraguay can be the ideal place to live. Land and real estate have some of the lowest prices in the world and if you want to live there you should easily find a good place to live.

It is not difficult to get Paraguay residency and it can take between two and six months to obtain it. To get residency you will have to spend less than $2,000 and that includes the government fees. And you do not have to worry about losing your residency. Paraguay does not force you to actually live there in order to maintain your residency. You may need to own some Paraguayan stocks or have a bank account, but that shouldn’t be hard.

You can gain citizenship if you live in the country at least 183 days per year for five years of residency. If you have a Paraguayan family member you can become a citizen after three years.


With its wild rhythms and its dance parties, Brazil can be really charming and a wonderful location for a second residency. Another advantage for this country is the fact that it offers you an investor visa program that can allow you to become a permanent resident. In order to obtain the visa you will need to own and operate a company in Brazil and invest at least $65,000 in it.

If you have a residence there you can get your citizenship after four years. However, you must know the language and spend fewer than 18 months outside the country.

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