Bay Area Maker Faire 2015 in Photos [gallery]

bay area maker faire 2015 featured
Written by Alex Kwong

The Bay Area Maker Faire 2015 was at the San Mateo County Fairgrounds. It was a spectacle to see, so we’ve got photos!

aNewDomain — The Bay Area Maker Faire 2015 took place this past weekend, May 16-17, in San Mateo. For those who couldn’t make it: man, you missed out! Robots, cosplay and fire galore — the tenth annual Maker Faire did not disappoint. For those that don’t know the Maker Faire community, it’s a hub of creativity in engineering, design and crafting that holds large events all over the world.

Go and book your tickets for next year, I’ll wait here. Once you’ve done that, check out the highlights (in photos!) during my time at the festival.

bay area maker faire 2015 go cart

I don’t know if these guys had their own booth or if they lugged their own mini-kart to the convention, but there were guys riding steampunk-esque contraptions all over the place.

bay area maker faire 2015 solar system

This model of the solar system, complete with a burning sun in the center, was right where I entered the Faire. I assume that it’s to scale, which gave me a bit of an existential crisis, in a really cool way!

bay area maker faire 2015 solar car

A Maker Faire isn’t complete without solar-powered cars.

bay area maker faire 2015 submarine

Here’s another steampunk ship, submarine type thing. Neat.

bay area maker faire 2015 minion factory

There were also a number of local artist booths that sold awesome souvenirs. Here’s the “Minion Factory.”

bay area maker faire 2015 dog sleigh

Another mini-kart/bicycle/dog vehicle making it’s way through the park.

bay area maker faire 2015 light display

Inside one of the darkened warehouses. Exhibits that needed the dark to display their products, like lasers or virtual reality games, set up shop here. These are real, by the way.

bay area maker faire 2015 war of the worlds

Here’s something out of War of the Worlds: A tripod! Er … I guess an octopod would be more accurate.


Steel steampunk rhino. Enough said.

bay area maker faire 2015 giant robot

Hey, at least this robot doesn’t have fire shooting out of it.

bay area maker faire 2015 coke and mentos guys

Finally, to end the day EepyBird, the Coke and Mentos, guys did a live show for all to see!

For aNewDomain, I’m Alex Kwong.

All Images: Alex Kwong