Australia Is Paradise for Wine Lovers. Here’s Why

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Written by aNewDomain Staff

Head down under and taste some awesome wine …

Down under. Oz. ‘Straya.

Whatever you choose to call it, Australia is a traveler’s paradise.

If you are interested in SCUBA diving, you head up north to the great state of Queensland. If you love to surf, you travel to the north shore of Western Australia, which sports some of the greatest waves and swells on Earth.

And if it’s wine you love? No contest. Australia’s state of Victoria is the No. 1 destination for oenophiles. The Yarra Valley –just north of Melbourne–is home to numerous wineries, national parks, five-star restaurants and luxury resorts.

Yes, it’s a bit of a haul to get down to Australia. The flights can be quite long. With a bit of planning and an adventurous spirit, the greatest vacation of your life awaits.

The Yarra River stretches and bends across lower Victoria, providing the water source for the valley and the wineries that grow their grapes. The climate is cool; the soil is absolutely perfect for grapes. While most wineries rely on irrigation systems, the true stars of the valley are unirrigated–relying upon completely natural production. From the early 1900s, the Yarra has experienced ups and downs with the climate and wine consumption trends. As it stands today, the Valley is one of the best wine regions on the planet. Chardonnay lovers take note: this region is home to more than thirty award winning vinters.

If a nice red wine is more your style, many Yarra Valley wineries are leaders in Pinot Noir vintages. Pinot Noir takes its name from the deep red color the small grapes produce.

Bold in flavor and elegant in their finish, Australian Pinot wines are some of the most fruitful and delicious offerings on Earth. Most Pinot Noirs are aged in oak barrels and the charred wood gives the wine flavors based upon the age of the wine.

Flying down to Australia is a long haul.The key to an enjoyable flight? Choose an exit row seat. Once you’ve arrived in Australia, cruise through customs and pick up your luggage. Be warned, though: Airports in Australia are some of the busiest in the world.


Once you’ve landed, get your bags. Finding luggage after such long haul trips can be a challenge. If you’re looking for an easier way to spot your luggage, you’ve got to make your bag stand out in the crowd. Pick a bright color, label your bags properly with a durable tag. Airline crew bags tags are a great choice. They’re sturdy and will stand up to the tests of air travel.

Australia is an amazing destination in any season. Don’t forget: the seasons in the southern hemisphere are flipped from the northern hemisphere …

Wouldn’t it be great to have a summer wine getaway in the middle of December?

No matter what kind of wine is your favorite choice, you’ll find an option for your palate. The beautiful Victorian countryside is calling, plentiful with amazing wine and friendly people.