App of the Day: Camera FV-5 for Android

Camera FV-5 sunset photo
Written by Gina Smith

Camera FV-5 for Android boasts professional level editing capabilities with the ease of a smartphone app. Gina Smith reviews.

aNewDomainCamera FV-5 for Android is a professional-level photo editing tool for serious photographers. Available on Google Play for $3.95, it makes DSLR-like manual controls available on your smartphone.

Camera FV-5 is brimming with features and offers you complete control over every possible parameter of your raw photographs. It includes settings for ISO, focus, light metering, white balance and exposure compensation.

The viewfinder display shows both exposure time and aperture, and the stops are also easily visible. The app also offers custom EV shifting and true exposure bracketing.

I especially love the built-in intervalometer. Want to create a timelapse? Need some support for long exposure shots? This app includes these and much more. That why it’s my choice today for aNewDomain’s app of the day.

Camera FV-5 settings

And the best feature of Camera FV-5: the sophisticated electronic viewfinder. Choose from nine crop guides, 10 composition grid overlays and a live RGB hitogram.

Camera FV-5 viewfinderIt’s pretty cool, too, that Camera FV-5 for Android lets you permanently avoid awkward scene modes. Tons of manual control adds up to serious professional level post-processing capabilities.

Camera FV-5 sunset photo

If you’re looking for some tips about how to get your smartphone camera to photograph what your eyes see in varying light, check out Ant Pruitt’s excellent explainer Camera FV-5.

Ed: The original version of this review ran on aNewDomain’s BreakingModern. Read it here.

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