On Accused Rapist Bill Cosby: Using Decoys to Leave Theaters

Alleged Rapist Bill Cosby Using a Decoy
Written by Joy Ma

If you’re Bill Cosby, how exactly might you find a decoy to help you escape a theater and avoid hecklers? Dino Londis offers a possible solution.

aNewDomain – Philly.com reported that Bill Cosby is using decoys to exit theatrical venues avoid hecklers and reporters from leaving a show in Sandusky, OH.

Sandusky, I know.

I am wondering where Mr. Cosby could find good decoys on short notice. In fact, where do you find them at all? So I sent a crack team of specialists in search of the answer and found an Ohio Craiglist ad that is allegedly highly suspicious in nature.

Anywhere – Looking for someone in their early to mid-70s, overweight, kinda slothy to walk with a hoodie and act as a decoy for someone famous who obviously did not drug and rape over 30 women. Ridiculous. Nonetheless, the person will need to leave the venue through the back door while scores of people call him some seriously bad names. I mean seriously bad. You can’t react and say anything.  Especially not F You.  That will really piss them off.

Pay is per venue and might involve other duties to be determined.

For aNewDomain, I’m Dino Londis