Be Afraid: Best Zombie Makeup Tutorials on YouTube

Written by Gina Smith

Want to be a zombie prom queen? A ripped mouth zombie? A zombie kindergartner. Take these 10 best zombie makeup tutorials on YouTube to the grave and back. Have fun and Happy Halloween from all of us at aNewDomain and our sister site, BreakingModern … [videos]

aNewDomain — Want a zombie makeup tutorial? Now you’re speaking my language. Here are some of the best zombie makeup tutorials on YouTube.

Want to be a Zombie Prom Queen? Sure you do.

This is one of my favorite zombie makeup tutorial videos. Meet Ellinor Rosander, a professional makeup artist quite gifted on all things zombie. And if the zombie promqueen look is your favorite, look no further. Learn more at

Gory Halloween Makeup Tutorial video: Ellimacs Makeup FX YouTube Channel, produced by Macs Moser & Kimmo Vehkalahti

Disgusting ripped mouth zombie tutorial …

You’ll need some serious gear to pull off this intense ripped mouth zombie look. That means some liquid latex, acrylic nails, cotton pads, tissues and (Kyrolan Fresh Scratch brand) dark fake blood, skin-toned grease paints, (Mehron Squirt Blood brand) light and dark squirtable blood and a ton of purple and pink eye shadows, liners and mascaras. It’s a ton of work, but it’s worth it. Caution: Graphic images.

Ripped Mouth Zombie Tutorial video: Kiana Jones SFX YouTube channel

How to do super zombie special effects …

This is a great, easy to follow step-by-step video. In English. Watch the video — en Espanol, aqui. This one also requires a lot of gear. You’ll need school glue (liquid latex preferred) and toilet paper for the work. For the makeup, pick up all variety of pale makeup, purple, pink and brown makeup. Get ready.

Makeup Zombie Special FX video:  Silvia Quirós YouTube channel

Try to be a zombie bride (or groom).

This video was the money for me last year. It’s still good, I checked. Be a zombie bride. You know you want to.

Zombie Bride Makeup Tutorial video: Party Delights

Inspired by Corpse Bride, here’s how to be a Dark Fairy

This one can be bended to fit both genders. I love the color scheme. It’s gory, unsettling and just so dark!

Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Dark Fairy video: Charlie Flynn YouTube channel
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