How To Add the Hibernate Option to the Power Menu in Windows 8.1

Written by Brian Burgess

Our Brian Burgess has been digging deep into Windows 8.1.. Here’s the latest Burgess How To — he shows how to add the Hibernate Option to the Power Menu — By default the Windows 8 and 8.1 power-button menus no longer feature the optional Hibernate mode. But adding it is easy, and this tip will show you how to do it.

Here’s How To Add the Hibernate Option to the Power Menu in Windows 8.1

From the Start screen type: power options

Select: Change what the power buttons do from the list of results that displays.

All following screenshot image credits: Brian Burgess


The Settings window will open on the desktop. From there, click Change settings that are currently unavailable.

Define Buttons

Then scroll down and, under the Shutdown settings section, check Hibernate Show In Power Menu. Click Save changes.


That’s all there is to it. Now when you click the Power button, Hibernate will be an option on the menu.

Hibernate power Menu

In fact, Hibernate will be added to all of the shutdown options in Windows 8.1. It’ll even be available when you right-click the new Start Button to Shut Down in Windows 8.1. Pretty handy.

Start Button Hibernate

Or if you shut down Windows 8.1 the old school way — by using the keyboard shortcut Alt + F4 — it’ll still show up.

Shut Down Desktop

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