Santa Claus Cartoon: Add Your Caption Below

Santa’s had a long, long night delivering toys for all the good children of the world. What’s he doing in this cartoon? Make your own caption, and read what a few of our aNewDomain writers and readers (you) came up with. — Santa’s just back from a trip around the world.  So what is he thinking?

Make up a caption and insert it into the Join the discussion section below. We will publish your semi-politically correct and/or PG-13 minus comments below along with the snappy and heartfelt captions submitted by our staff. Take a crack at published writing here at aNewDomain …

Image Courtesy Polly Londis

Image courtesy: Polly Londis

Now it is your, the reader’s, turn:

Add a comment into the Join the discussion box below and see if your witty caption gets published!


Pick one of these following reader- or aNewDomain staff-submitted captions and match it to the Santa Claus image above.

“I’m so sad to have delivered the largest piece of coal ever for the worst twerk ever.” — Robert Knight

“Without 23andMe’s health reports, I don’t know where my next kidney stone’s coming from!” — Hendog

“Oh no! I’ve lost my head!” — Fruity Loops

“Yo soy innocente.” — Hendog

“Santa came along, didn’t see what was happenin’, his head began to poppin’, his foot start to tappin’, he go slam, funk, do the jerk, with a sled is how his smoke signals work. He was jammin’ off a record that said it best — now what you hear is not a test.” — Clarence Wherley

“I am NOT peeking. Hurry up and hide my presents.” — Walter, North Carolina.

“Dear Lord. For Christmas I wish that everyone in the world will learn to get along, that peace on earth will prevail, and that good will towards all men will be the norn. Amen.” — Sue Serina, Texas.

“Anyone got any eyewash or some Visine? I should have made that last reindeer go to the bathroom BEFORE the flight.” — Ralph Beamish

“97 … 98 … 99 … 100! Okay, Mrs. Claus. Here I come!” — Kevin Marcus

“I just can’t believe Showtime killed Brody… ” — Viki Reed

“No one ever brings ME anything.” — Ant Pruitt

“God, how many cookies was that?” — Dino Londis

“Which prankster elf fed Blitzen the laxative at dinner last night?” — Hipolito Gutierrez

Based in New York, Dino Londis is a senior commentator at He’s also an IT Pro alum at National Lampoon and teamBYTE. Email him at