Only A Matter of Time: JesusVR Is Coming Soon

jesus vr the movie
Written by Ted Rall

SlashFilms’ “JesusVR: The Story of Christ” will debut this year on the Oculus Rift and at film festivals worldwide. Shot with 4K 360° cameras, its Italian director says it “lets” audiences fully immerse themselves in the crucifixion of Christ. Ted Rall comments.

aNewDomain — Other movies have claimed to be the first virtual reality movie, but the new “Jesus VR: The Story of Christ” is on another level entirely. Shot with 4K 360° cameras and billed as a fully immersive way to watch the passion of Christ, the upcoming film from SlashFilms is a first. That is, it is the first ever VR film to score wide distribution across film festivals, as well as all the popular headset platforms.

WWJD -- The VR Version

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