3D Printing Infographics: Five of the Very Best

Written by Gina Smith

If you have questions about 3D printing tech, you’re in the right place. Here are five of the best 3D printing infographics out there right now …

aNewDomain — How does 3D printing work? What is the latest tech driving it? What are the legal implications of 3D printing? What are the best 3D printer extensions?

Those are just some of the many questions we hear from aNewDomain readers about 3D printing tech.

So I took some time to dig up the best, most informative 3D printing infographics I could find. Here are the five best …

 Printing in a Whole New Dimension …how do 3d printers work 3d printing revolution

3D printing in Business

If 3D printing is so great, why hasn’t it made a bigger impression on business? TechRepublic asked exactly that question. Find its analysis below.

3d printing infographics 2017

3D Printing Market Assessment Study

Here’s Statasys’ deep dive market assessment study on 3D printing. Definitely worth a long look …



The Basics of Printing in 3D

Georgia Libraries came up with this next one. And despite its name, it’s not that basic … and there is a lot of great detail here.

georgia libraries

Printing the Human Body

Finally, here’s a super-informative, but kind of retro 3D printing piece from 2012. The strange thing is — it’s still relevant. Lots to dive into here …

3d printers 3d printing infographic infographics

For aNewDomain, I’m Gina Smith.

Cover image: The AirWolf 2 3D Printer, All Rights Reserved