Super Bowl 2013 Ads Cost More than Linebacker?

So Super Bowl ads are expensive beyond reason. We get that. But did you know the cost of Super Bowl 2013 ads show the price is rising faster than player salaries? Plus check out John C. Dvorak’s advice on the variety of offensive tactics the teams should use. And how does seeding affect winning, historically? It’s all here. — What’s a better investment? Super Bowl 2013 ads for your product or a winning quarterback for a team you just happen to own? Seriously.

One thing to note: Super Bowl 2013 ads cost an astronomical amount and the ad prices are rising faster than even player salaries. This sheds a lot of light on the power of media in the sports world.

Check out the chart below. The cost of a Super Bowl 2013 ad is rising meteorically — surpassing the growth of astronomic player salaries? What is up with that? Consider this: Only six 49ers and just four Ravens even will make enough in salary this season — this is after taxes — to even be able to afford to buy a Super Bowl 2013 ad.
Super Bowl 2013 Ads Infographic credit: Jess3

Click here for our John C. Dvorak’s controversial deep dive into offensive strategies he says NFL teams ought to adopt. The pistol spread, anyone?

Click here to check out NFL Super Bowl seeding techniques and a history of seeding versus wins. It’s telling — great piece by our sports fanatic David Street.

For, I’m Gina Smith. Go Niners : )  But may the best team win.