Tom Sloan Cartoon: Evolution or Creationism

Man and Woman Kit - is it evolution or creationism?
Written by Tom Sloan

The man and woman kit — is it evolution or creationism?

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Cartoons150 Evolution or Creationism

Cartoon: “Evolution or Creationism?” by

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  • The carton may be funny but what is serious is that we teach evolution to students in the classroom as a scientific fact – when the scientific evidence condemns it.

    Darwinian/Macro evolution can be stated simply as the following equation:

    Simple beginning (e.g. 1 primitive cell = no brain, no nervous system, etc.)
    + lots of time
    + lots natural selection
    + many mutations
    + natural forces (rain, wind, gravity etc.)
    extremely complex organism
    (e.g. human, brain, blood circulatory system)

    Has this been observed? – NO (Even Richard Dawkins agrees with this)
    Is it plausible? -Not really ; There is no proof that it is.
    Does it need a lot of faith to believe this? – Certainly does

    So why do we teach it as a scientific fact?

    The consequences of teaching Darwinina/Macro evolution as a scientific fact are subtle but very destructive.

    The core assertion of Darwinian/Macro evolution, that from simple and chaotic beginnings all life-forms emerged by an unguided, purposeless process, is NOT harmless. The inescapable inference is that since we emerged from a random, unguided, purposeless process, then we are purposeless and of no inherent value. This has a subtle but very negative impact on the self esteem of students and is contributing to low self esteem, depression, nihilism, etc.

    If the scientific evidence for macro evolution was genuinely strong; I would not complain. The truth is that the scientific evidence shows that macro evolution is highly implausible