Russia USA Agree Not To Kill Same Syrian Civilians

It is more important not to kill or shoot down each others pilots than actually hit the target.

aNewDomain — Guess which country bombs us? From the Lebanese paper A-Nahar translation, “The games Syrian children play: Syrian? American? French? Turkish? Russian?”

Syrian kids are afraid of all bombers, drones and helicopters dropping barrel bombs. They could not understand why the powers could not agree on a Fire Free Zone!

The Russian and Americans have signed a memo of understanding: “The Pentagon said Tuesday that the U.S. and Russia had signed a memorandum of understanding over safety procedures for aircraft flying over Syria.”

The memo includes specific protocols for air crews to follow over Syria and establishes a ground communications link.

Late last week, as the final details were being negotiated, a Russian SU-30 Flanker jet fighter came within 1,500 feet of two American aircraft, the closest approach since Russia started flying airstrikes, reports CBS News correspondent David Martin.

For armies of the world it’s more important not to kill or shoot down each others pilots than actually hit the target. Pilots do not want to be collateral damage. They know what it looks like on the ground. They are so proud of their smart bombs.

Any bombing raid is good for them, as long as they do not have to confront other super jets coming behind them.

B61-12 Nuclear Bomb iran nuclear deal

The Real Numbers:


Courtesy: Micah Zenko / Council on Foreign Relations / VDC / SOHR

It seems the different armed groups killing each other in Syria are not the big numbers of killed.

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