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How to Use Smart Remote for Android to Control Your Media Boxes

Rob Reilly has a Samsung Galaxy S5 with a built in infrared sensor. Here's how to harness that tech with a nice little app, Smart Remote for Android. it's our app of the day ...
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Larry Press: Where USDS and 18F Come In

The U.S. Digital Service (USDS) is an IT management firm that the White House just launched in hopes of bringing the U.S. government further into the tech age.
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Ted Rall: Why Violent Protest Is Working in Ferguson

The violent protests in Ferguson started a long-overdue conversation on police violence against African-Americans. Here's why. Ted Rall commentary.
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A Game for Everyone: Activision Blizzard’s Big Fall-Winter Lineup

Activision Blizzard announces one heckuva lineup for gamers. Here's what's coming out this fall and winter.
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How To Do Better Hardware Demos [tips]

Things can go terribly wrong with hardware demos. So here's how to show yours to the world -- with a minimum of risk and a lot of panache.
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Larry Press: An Algebra I Story

Who knew 70 percent of incoming UCLA freshmen took online courses on their own? Larry Press comments on a UCLA survey and the future of online courses.
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Eight Traits of a Kick Ass Leader

Are leaders born? Maybe. But you can learn leadership traits. Check out this Traits of a Kick Ass Leader infographic ...
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How To Build a Hummingboard SlideCam

Here's how to build a Hummingboard Slidecam. Handy!
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Workplace Bullying: Are You a Victim?

New research by IDG Connect shows that bullying is on the rise in Silicon Valley and other tech companies. David Michaelis takes a look.
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On Phone Scams, Cannibalism and the AT&T CL4939

Gotten a call from a fake Microsoft tech support guy lately? Here's our Lamont Wood on phone scams, cannibalism and the AT&T CL4939 have to do with it.
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Back to School Spending: By the Numbers

Last year Deloitte asked Americans what they bought in the back to school season. The answers are a good predictor of how back to school spending looks now.
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How To Max Out Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery Life

Here's Rob Riley with more tips on the Samsung Galaxy S5. This time he recommends the best ways to extend Galaxy S5 battery life.
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Test Your Digital Quotient! Is It Better than a Six Year Old?

Did you measure your Digital Quotient lately? A new study shows six year olds and teens are much more fluid with technology than their older counterparts. David Michaelis comments.
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Freeware Friday: Better Open With for Android

aNewDomain — I always hate getting the “Complete action using …” dialog box when I’m trying to open a file. You get that dialog box because absolutely ever app that’s able to open your file will show up there. It doesn’t tell you what app is best for opening the file, though. Now there’s Android […]
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Ebola 101: How It Spreads and How To Prevent It

It's Ebola 101. What it is, how it's transmitted and how to prevent it ...
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Ted Rall: Torturers Have It Hard, Too [toon]

Here's the latest cartoon from our Pulitzer finalist and political cartoonist, Ted Rall. May not be suitable for all audiences.
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The TWiT Brick House: My Visit to Podcast Mecca

Larry Press visits the TWiT studio, Brickhouse, in Petaluma, CA. Commentary and pictures on the show and host Leo Laporte.
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How Your Brand Can Profit from Screen Stacking [infographic]

Everyone's doing it. Here's how your business or brand can profit off screen-stacking. It's the screen-stacking infographic. Check it out.
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MakerBot at Home Depot

3D Printers Will Disrupt Our Lives in Ways We Can’t Fully Understand

As MakerBot and Home Depot strike a deal to put desktop 3D printers in stores, our Mark Kaelin explores 3D printing. He says it will disrupt our lives in ways we can't yet fully understand. Analysis.
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Ted Rall: Obama’s Folky, Down Home Torture Policy [cartoon]

US President Barack Obama, says Ted Rall, has a torture policy that's down home and folksy. Check out the latest Ted Rall political cartoon here.
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