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Freeware Friday: Better Open With for Android

aNewDomain — I always hate getting the “Complete action using …” dialog box when I’m trying to open a file. You get that dialog box because absolutely ever app that’s able to open your file will show up there. It doesn’t tell you what app is best for opening the file, though. Now there’s Android […]
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Ebola 101: How It Spreads and How To Prevent It

It's Ebola 101. What it is, how it's transmitted and how to prevent it ...
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Ted Rall: Torturers Have It Hard, Too [toon]

Here's the latest cartoon from our Pulitzer finalist and political cartoonist, Ted Rall. May not be suitable for all audiences.
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The TWiT Brick House: My Visit to Podcast Mecca

Larry Press visits the TWiT studio, Brickhouse, in Petaluma, CA. Commentary and pictures on the show and host Leo Laporte.
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How Your Brand Can Profit from Screen Stacking [infographic]

Everyone's doing it. Here's how your business or brand can profit off screen-stacking. It's the screen-stacking infographic. Check it out.
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MakerBot at Home Depot

3D Printers Will Disrupt Our Lives in Ways We Can’t Fully Understand

As MakerBot and Home Depot strike a deal to put desktop 3D printers in stores, our Mark Kaelin explores 3D printing. He says it will disrupt our lives in ways we can't yet fully understand. Analysis.
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Ted Rall: Obama’s Folky, Down Home Torture Policy [cartoon]

US President Barack Obama, says Ted Rall, has a torture policy that's down home and folksy. Check out the latest Ted Rall political cartoon here.
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Tom Sloan: Dr. Hydrogen’s Stupid Garden

aNewDomain — There are a lot of famous adages and phrases out there that all say the same thing. What was it that Dorothy said? Something like: “Look no further than your own backyard.” Sage advice. That’s where you’ll find your heart’s desire. That is, you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. Then […]
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Five World War I Patents: War Tech Roundup

Our IP expert Tom Ewing rounds up hot wartech circa World War I. Check out World War I patents for the submarine, machine gun, metal helmet and more ...
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Rob Reilly: Samsung Galaxy S5 Active Travel Guide

Our Rob Reilly took his new Samsung Galaxy S5 Active for a spin this week. Here's his short list of must-have apps for the road -- plus a Galaxy S5 Active takeaway.
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Get a Job: Star Wars Occupation Flow Chart

Somewhere in a galaxy far, far away there's a job for you. Really. Check out the Star Wars occupation flow chart infographic.
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Hey! Cue Banjo: The Anatomy of Songs

Cue the banjo. Yell, "hey!" What kind of song is it? If you said indie, you've got to check out this funny but too true Anatomy of Songs infographic. Hey!
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How Consumers Foot the Bill For Data Breaches

The cost to retailers like Target is high, but consumers still are left holding the bag in the end. Here''s how consumers foot the bill for data breaches. Infographic, analysis.
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Back to School: Top 10 Tablets for Kids

Back to school? Here are the Top 10 Tablets for Kids, courtesy of Bellanbeau. Find all the regular options here -- and did up some surprising entries, too. Infographic, gift guide.
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Meet the Mars 2020 Rover: Details, Infographic

Hungering for more details on the Mars 2020 rover? Look no further. Here's an amazing Mars 2020 rover-tech infographic from the folks at Nice.
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Ted Rall On Execution: Everything’s Bigger in the U.S.

In his latest cartoon, Pulitzer finalist Ted Rall takes on capital punishment. Everything's always bigger in the U.S., even when it comes to execution.
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Around the World: Top 40 Tourist Scams [infographic]

Here's the top 40 tourist scams around the world. We know you're too smart to fall for them, but it never hurts to be up on scammer state of the art.
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Summer Slump: Why Nothing Gets Done in the Summer [infographic]

Ever wonder why nothing gets done in the summer? Welcome to your Summer Slump. The summer slump infographic pretty much explains it all. Might as well enjoy your lack of progress and ambition as summer grinds to a halt ...
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Puching Zhang: Mario Kart 8 [review]

Our game reviewer Puching Zhang on what there is to love about Mario Kart 8. Deep dive review with screenshots, video ...
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Joren de Wachter: IP Is a Thought Crime [TedX Video]

Joren de Wachter tells a TedX audience in Leuven, Belgium that IP is a thought crime. What? Here's why. Commentary ...
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