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Ted Rall: WMDs, Two Wrongs Make Iraq

Here's Ted Rall on the discovery of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Comic.
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Ted Rall: Ebola Selfishness and Viral Stupidity

What made Ebola-exposed hospital workers hop a plane or take a Carnival cruise. A collossal kind of made-in-America selfishness, says our Ted Rall. Essay.
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Jerry Pournelle

Jerry Pournelle: A Time Machine in Chaos Manor

In his latest dispatch from Chaos Manor, Jerry Pournelle reviews new tech, opens up his mailbox and tells you what is really going on with The Precious.
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Are You Feeling It? Happiness in the US

aNewDomain — I’d always heard that the happiest people live in Norway and other icy regions. I’m a naturally upbeat person of Norwegian heritage, so I can get behind that. But what of the other stats in the Happiness in the US infographic, below. Happiness in the US infographic credit: For, I’m Gina […]
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Ebola Outbreaks Screenshot

Ebola Outbreak: West Africa to the US

Ebola has spread past West Africa. So far three cases have been diagnosed in the US, and the CDC is looking for 172 airline passengers. Real time stats are available at Ebola Outbreaks ...
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IBM iPads? Thinking Different …

Apple and IBM join forces to sell iPads. Does anyone remember Kaleida. Back to the future we go. Analysis, plus the historic 1984 Apple TV commercial.
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Ted Rall: Ebola Capitalism and the New Greed

Is short-term greed spreading Ebola? Our Ted Rall says yes. Here's how.
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Hong Kong: Anonymous vs. Jackie Chan

While Hong Kong demonstrations continue to rock China, Anonymous and Jackie Chan have come out to support the opposing sides.
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MobileViews: Apple speculation and connected devices

Todd Ogasawara and Jon Westfall speculate about Apple's October 16 announcements, discuss connected devices and offer a few tips. Hear the podcast here.
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Lamont Wood: Plea from a Singleton

In part two of his Interview with a Singleton series, our intrepid reporter Lamont Wood hears one singularity being's desperate plea for survival ...
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Will Cyborgs Replace the Disabled?-Video

Cyborgs are promoted in some quarters as the future ultimate empowerment of disabled. See the pioneering research and blow-back here.
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htc group shot featured

Ant Pruitt: On HTC Desire Eye, Re Cam and No Nexus

HTC held its Double Exposure event and announced the HTC Desire Eye and the Re camera. Ant Pruitt comments.
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ted rall

Ted Rall: Hairgate and the Apple iPhone 6

Now people say the Apple iPhone 6 pulls out their hair. What's next? It's Hairgate. Oh, the outrage. Ted Rall cartoon.
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Ted Rall: How and Why the US Created ISIS

Here's Ted Rall on emerging evidence that the US created ISIS, a "monster," he says, that will take 30 years to kill. Exclusive Ted Rall commentary here ...
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Ebola Infographic: What You Need To Know Now

The folks at solar light company Waka Waka aren't just gifting social lights to the needy in Liberia. They've published an outstanding Ebola infographic ...
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How To Be a Growth Hacker: Video of the Week

If you want to better understand what it means to be a growth hacker, check out this video. How To Be a Growth Hacker is our vid of the week. Enjoy!
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Lamont Wood: Report from Flyover Country

Life is different -- maybe nicer, maybe stranger -- in Flyover Country. Lamont Wood reports.
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Eccentric Habits of the Tech Elite

Tech geniuses do have some pretty eccentric habits. Check them out here.
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Windows 10 mobileviews microphone

MobileViews: Windows 10 Technical Preview, iOS 8 Mail Crashes

Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview. iOS 8 mail app problems. Product picks. Konspiracy Korne. MobileViews Podcast.
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Steve Jobs on YouTube: Rounding Up the Classics

What are your favorite Steve Jobs moments on YouTube? On the fifth anniversary of the Apple cofounder's death, we're rounding them up and taking suggestions
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