Oscars 2016: Best. Predictions. Ever.

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Written by Cole Smithey

It’s not too early to think about Oscars 2016. From “Carol” to “Amy,” here’s who renowned film critic Cole Smithey says will win at the Academy Awards.

cole-smithey oscars 2016 predictionsaNewDomain — Late October is an ideal time to start making Academy Awards predictions because it warms up your prognostication muscles and gets you in tune with the lay of the land as it develops beneath your feet. No question about it, 2015 has been a terrible year for Hollywood. It’s unfortunately still living in its 20th century mindset of sequels and superhero movies. If there are two genres of movies you never need to revisit within your lifetime, sequels and superhero movies are the ones to avoid. So do that. With a vengeance.

That said, there are some great films sure to take home Oscar at this year’s Academy Awards festivities. Here are my early predictions for 13 of the 21 Oscar categories.

Best Picture: “Carol”

Best Actress: Brie Larson in “Room”

Best Supporting Actress: Rooney Mara in “Carol”

Best Supporting Actor: Mark Ruffalo in “Spotlight”

Best Actor: Eddie Redmayne in “The Danish Girl”

Best Director: Tom McCarthy for “Spotlight”

Best Animated Film: “Inside Out”

Best Documentary: “Amy”

Best Foreign Language Film: “Son of Saul” (Saul Fia)

Best Visual Effects: “The Walk”

Best Original Score: Ennio Morricone for “The Hateful Eight”

Best Screenplay: “The Hateful Eight

Best Adapted Screenplay: Phyllis Nagy for “Carol”

For aNewDomain, I’m Cole Smithey.


  • That is a ballsy list so early in the game, but not a bad guess. The only one I think that might be wrong is Best Picture. Carol seems to be losing some steam. I’m leaning toward The Revenant for the win.

    • That is a good point. Revenant seems like a strong contender. Wonder if Cole should add runner up pics to all this, or dark horse pics, too …

  • I’m sorry but this list is a joke. Best Picture is going to be between Joy (to be seen), Spotlight, The Revenant (to be seen), Steve Jobs, Carol…I don’t think Carol has a chance to win though. Best Actor Redmayne? No way. Best Actress Brie L? I think it’s a great result if she gets a nomination since it’s only her first. Remember that we still have to see Jennifer Lawrence in Joy and Leo Di Caprio in The Revenant!