Can You Fear Trump and Still Be Happy Hillary Lost? You Betcha

ted rall is happy hillary lost

Ted Rall is proof: it’s possible to oppose Trump and all he stands for, and still be happy Hillary lost. Why? The answer has to do with Jesse Ventura …

ted-rall-happy-hillary-lostaNewDomain — His fans hoped he was another Ronald Reagan. His critics thought he was Hitler.

Who would’ve guessed that, a hundred days into a presidency few besides me saw coming, Donald Trump would look like Jesse Ventura?

Largely forgotten today, former wrestler Jesse “The Body” Ventura” shocked the political world by defeating both major party candidates for governor of Minnesota in 1998. As an independent without party support, though, Ventura couldn’t govern effectively.

The parallel to Trump isn’t exact. Unlike Jesse, Trump was the nominee of a major party. A closer analogy might be Arnold Schwarzenegger, the body builder/Terminator actor who won California’s gubernatorial recall election in 2003. California’s Republican establishment initially resisted Schwarzenegger. Just as the national GOP did with Trump last year, Cali conservatives reluctantly embraced the arriviste after he emerged as the clear leader in the race.

Even so, as an insurgent candidate Schwarzenegger neither fully gained the trust of state Republicans nor seduced a significant number of Democrats. His legislative record was lackluster.

It’s hard to see how Trump can achieve many of his major policy objectives. He leads a deeply divided Republican Party that barely trusts him against Democrats who have nothing to gain by lending him a hand.

This is why Obamacare repeal failed. It’s why Obamacare Repeal the Revenge is failing, why his tax reform “plan” is a back of the envelope rush job, and why judges borked the Great Deportations.

Even the Wall looks doomed.

Despite Trump’s near catastrophic performance to date, there’s still flop left in this fish, though.

There really is more than a little Hitler, and probably a lot of Mussolini, in Trump.

Just watch: His freak fascist flag will fly free following a foreign policy crisis like a war or a terrorist attack.

This is the crazy calm before the inevitable, terrifying storm.

Liberals are already in full-on panic mode.

As the Guardian’s David Smith has noted, as president, Trump has continued “the same bogus assertions, impetuous tweets, petty spats, brazen conflicts of interest, bilious attacks on the press (‘the enemy of the people’) and a distinct whiff of authoritarianism” from his 2016 campaign.

As Smith’s colleague Richard Wolffe says, Trump is presiding over “a wild romp through all norms and rules.”

For non-progressive Democrats, this is the place where the mind naturally wanders to an alternate reality in which Hillary Clinton won. It’s natural to wonder aloud, as Smith does: “Where would we be on the 100th day of a Hillary Clinton administration?”

I didn’t vote for her. Despite everything — despite all the chaos I feel coming — I cite Edith PiafJe ne regrette rien.

You know, I recently read Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign,” a book by two reporters for The Hill who promise to make you feel sympathy for the defeated Democratic nominee and her followers.

It didn’t work on me.

Like their subject, authors Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes ignore policy in favor of a behind-the-scenes investigation of how a Too Smart To Fail presidential campaign got clobbered by an orange reality TV star who spent almost nothing and who didn’t even have an organization in most states.

According to Allen and Parnes, there were too many warring centers of power within Clintonland. Without a strong leader at the top, her officials spent more time and energy vying for her loyalty (and stabbing one another in the back) than working on winning. She liked it that way, even though the same dysfunction had plagued her failed 2008 primary race against Obama.

Campaign manager Robby Mook is the book’s villain: so obsessed with granular data that he can’t see the big picture or feel the voters’ pulse, contemptuous of time-proven polling techniques, as convinced that he has nothing to learn from people with experience as a Silicon Valley Millennial. He’s the guy who told her she didn’t need to visit Wisconsin — and she hired others like him in 2008.

Staffers were blinded by personal loyalty, so they couldn’t perceive and move to address big problems before they blew up, like EmailGate. And they were ideologically homogenous. Coming as they all did from the center-right corporatist wing of the Democratic Party, they couldn’t Feel the Bern when Sanders emerged as a potent force or figure out how to reconcile with his progressive base who stayed home on Election Day as a result.

Most damning of all, “Hillary had been running for president for almost a decade and still didn’t really have a rationale .”

For such an experienced candidate, this was a rookie error. Didn’t Hillary remember what happened to Ted Kennedy when he couldn’t come up with an elevator pitch in 1980?

Page after page reinforces the conclusion that this is a woman who does not, cannot, does not want to learn from her mistakes.

When you think about her policy history, this rings true. After all, she voted to overthrow the secular socialist dictator of Iraq in 2003, lost the presidency in 2008 because of that vote, yet then as secretary of state advised Obama to arm and fund the radical jihadis against the secular socialist dictators of Libya and Syria. About which — despite creating two failed states — she has no regrets. There’s really no other way to put this, so I’ll just say it: this makes her an idiot.

She didn’t have the right personality to lead human beings. She didn’t deserve to be president. America, and the world, are better off without her.

I don’t regret not voting for Hillary, and despite Trump and everything else,  I’m glad she didn’t win.

This does not mean I’m not scared of Trump, though.

For aNewDomain, I am Ted Rall.

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Ted Rall

Based in New York, Ted Rall is aNewDomain's chief commentator and a nationally syndicated editorial cartoonist. A Pulitzer nominee, Rall's latest book is the NYT bestselling book, Trump: A Graphic Biography.
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  • I’m with you Ted about not voting for Hillary; Je ne regrett rien.
    And yes, I’m terribly scared for all of us humans, the planet, and everything on it..

  • Good article. I don’t vote for Clinton to become President not because I favored Trump’s policies or liked him. I voted against Clinton because I felt that giving Clinton the power of the Oval Office would be a national and globlal day of reckoning. Clinton just can not be trusted. And the thought of putting this country and its citizens through four years of Clinton scandal after scandal was unacceptable. Trump maybe an ass but he is our ass and our president. Those opposing him out of spite need to suck it up. Their self interest is only damaging this country. Instead of Trump being the problem, they are now the problem.

    • Wrong. Just because Hillary is as I described above, an inhuman monster, does NOT mean that Trump deserves anything but contempt. The entire American political class, with a few rare exceptions are sociopathic scumbags.

      • I’m not saying Trump deserves to be president nor did I vote for Trump. I am supporting Trump because he is our president and the position deserves respect. The childish tantrums the Dems are displaying in the Senate & House only makes them sore losers. Pelosi is disgraceful and makes a fool of herself every time she opens her mouth. Moreover, us every day folks are becoming immune to the protesters for we realize these people are well funded so they are now an ineffective nuance. If the Dems want to win the House & Senate in 2018, they need to pull their heads out of their collective asses. They need to stop catering to only minorities, women, LGBT and immigrates and start creating policies that provide a better life for ALL Anericans. And they need to send Clinton back into the woods and tell her to stay there.

  • I was one of those who withheld my vote from Hillary after supporting Sanders in the primary, and I would not change my voting decision now even if I could. That said, I think Ted lets Hillary off far too lightly. Her Libya and Syria polices don’t make her an “idiot,” they make her an evil vicious war criminal. She also lost because she and her husband spent 25 years supporting and enacting policies that have destroyed tens of millions of Americans’ livelihoods so that the rich could get richer and they would get a piece of that action to the tune of $150 million.

    Trump is a horrible human being and an awful president, but Hillary Clinton is an inhuman monster.

  • Can you fear Trump, agree that Clinton’s campaign was a disaster, but still think that anyone who’s “happy” she lost the general election are protected by class privilege? You betcha.

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