Dear Climate Change Deniers: Why Your Opinions No Longer Matter

climate change deniers
Written by Jason Dias

No one but Rick Santorum seems to side with climate change deniers anymore. That debate was lost 10 years ago. Sad, because we could’ve used the headstart to build sea walls …

jason-dias-anewdomainaNewDomain — Rick Santorum was on Real Time with Bill Maher recently. He still doesn’t believe in climate change. Or a lot of real-world phenomena, probably.

I mean, he could be lying to appeal to a particular kind of voter. Yet that’s an even-scarier thought than just accepting that Santorum doesn’t believe in science. So I’ll take him at his word. 

Santorum’s excuses – aka reasons — for not believing in climate change are thin. He doesn’t like the “97 percent of climate scientists agree” number today. Whatever.

See, their opinion doesn’t really matter anyway.

climate change deniers vice tv

Bill Maher knows climate change is real. 

See, it’s not a secret anymore. NBC is doing a special on climate change ahead of Mr. Obama’s visit to Alaska. He’s there now to film a show with Bear Grylls on the topic (I hope Bear doesn’t make him eat any bugs or cuddle a sheep for warmth or something).

That’s right: NBC has footage of Alaskans slowly losing their homes due to climate change. The temperature is rising in the Arctic circle twice as fast as anywhere else. Glacier loss, melting tundra, erosion, and winds are all problems for remote villages up there. The news noted we were on the verge of accepting our first American climate-change refugees.

The argument is over. It was over a long time ago. 

Dear climate change deniers: You were wrong

The question is, really, why. Why espouse clearly false beliefs? 

Yes, this has been clear to rational minds for a long time. The village in the NBC report already moved once to higher ground because of climate change. They did this 10 YEARS AGO. Low-lying island nations have been petitioning for a similar amount of time for some land grants to preserve their national identities when the waves finish swallowing up their territories.

What might we have done to help 10 years ago if obstructionist politics, merchants of denial, hadn’t muddied the waters for the average low-information voter?

climate change deniers

But it doesn’t matter. Your opinion does not affect the weather. Or the rate at which the sea level rises, the rate at which dangerous storms spawn in the ocean, how quickly species go extinct. That’s all going to happen independent of your beliefs.

I guess your opinions might matter just a little, in terms of who you vote for and why. State houses get work done. At the moment, lots of work to make it harder for women to access contraception and health care and, yes, abortions, and lots of work to bust unions and kick those damned public teachers off the gravy train.

Think if all that effort was pointed at mitigating climate change.

Think of how many communities are vulnerable. Small ones. Georgian coastal towns. Martha’s Vineyard. Big ones. New York City. Basically everything anywhere near Washington, DC. Sea walls might help, for a while. Long enough to get evacuations seriously started, anyway.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to pay for it, or grab a shovel and help. 

See, we can do this work now, or we can do it later when it’s an emergency. 

Pay now or pay later. 

Most of the crazies have gone pretty quiet on this issue now. There’s only so much plausibility in denial. Time to change the subject. Vaccines don’t cause autism, climate change is real and gluten isn’t killing you. So let’s talk about something else.

It doesn’t matter.

For aNewDomain, I’m Jason Dias.

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  • After 34 years of climate action failure to SAVE THE PLANET why do liberals still refuse to allow CO2 science to say; “proven”?

    • Heres the thing, eve if they are right & we humans die, the friggin planet will be just fine! The planet doesnt care one bit if were here or not.

    • Just in case there is anyone left in the world who hasn’t already figured this out for themselves;
      ‘Mememine’ is a well known astro-turfer for the denial industry.
      He spams the same identical gish gallops of the most absurd nonsense to any and every publication and blog that includes the word “climate” in the header.

      He posts to about 40 publications under around 5 or 6 different screen-names: ‘Al Bore’, Mememine69′, ‘mememine’, ‘DavidNutzuki’ and others.
      His total number of spam posts under the sceen-name ‘mememine69’ alone is now over 15,000.

      Yep – 15,000 near identical posts.

      His real name is Paul Merrifield from Niagra Falls – now living in London, Ontario.

      He often changes his name but he is instantly recognisable from the same wearisome thousand-times-falsified junk week in week out.

      Just shows what intelligent people are up against when there exist repulsive individuals who are prepared to threaten ours and our childrens future for his ideological beliefs and whatever pennies the carbon corporations toss to him.
      Just vile.

      • He is going to have to post a hole lot more to make up for the billions of dollars governments are poring into propaganda to expand government control of more of our lives.

      • Yep, I’ve noticed the same thing. His Disqus profile shows thousands of the same posts, for years. He is in theatre/comedy, so his profession relies on suspension of disbelief. Follow the money, indeed.

  • There is enormous money behind the CO2 warming fraud.
    Another example of deception by the warming lairs;
    ” He still doesn’t believe in climate change.”

    • Hilarious.
      The laws of physics don’t give a damn about your whacko conspiracy theories but if you really want to ‘follow the money’ you should be looking at the 26 trillion dollars the fossil fuel corporations stand to lose in standed assets unless they can convince enough gullible dupes that ‘climate change is a fraud’.
      Congratulations. You are in the last 12% of Americans who hasn’t figured that out yet.

      • “The laws of physics don’t give a damn about
        your whacko conspiracy theories”?

        It is a conspiracy fact that, Climate Science is Mind Control.
        Those in the Carbon Disclosure Project, control $95 Trillion.

        • Funny number slop came up with. I think the latest statistic of all the money in the world is around $60 to $75 trillion, so the Carbon Disclosure project controls more than the world, maybe mars too? Can’t argue with wacko.

          • “822 institutional investors representing an excess of US$95 trillion in assets ”

            “Abel Danger 9-11-2014 $92 Trillion Dollar Carbon Disclosure
            Project Gambling on Contrived Disaster”

      • India, China, Japan, and Australia are “all in” on coal. Russia and middle east are “all in” on oil and gas. UK will probably go “all in” on gas and they know that “global warming” was a ploy to bust up coal strikes.

        The good thing is that CO2 increases are really improving crop yields and that means more food for billions of people.

    • No – you don’t actualy. The Earth is warming due to the 40% increase in a known greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. Just as Svante Arrhenius predicted it would 118 years ago. Simple observable measurable fact. Not to mention that you would have to be blind not to see the 70% loss in Arctic ice volume in the last 35 years.
      No intelligent person cares about your whacko conspiracy theories. Get out of the way while the grown ups try to clean up your mess for you.

      • We have 20 years of correlation between CO2 and warming (78-98), but thousands of years of correlation between galactic cosmic rays and temperature. Add in predicted correlations between massive coronal ejection events and cloud formation and clearly the better theory is GCR rather than AGW. Models and predictions based on CO2 have been proven 100% wrong. It is just science… Don’t feel ashamed for being duped.

  • The only climate deniers are those clinging to the CO2 hypothesis, when it is clear that climate change is mostly natural. It is shame we have wasted billions on a scientific hoax, when we should have been studying ocean circulation and the evapo-transportation cycle.

  • The denier name is so silly, those who use it just come across as rabid fools.

    The popular ones are “climate denier” and “climate change denier”. Since the warming is a little uncooperative the “global warming denier” seems to have been dropped.

    “climate denier” – someone who denies the existence of climate, lol.

    “climate change denier” – I’ve never heard anyone denying the existence of climate change either. I think any difference of opinion comes from the cause and effect of those changes.

    However, if you want to call me an “anthropogenic catastrophic climate change denier”, feel free, that’s pretty accurate.

    You numpties make me laugh.