Cole Smithey’s Movie Week: “Mr. Holmes” Is Enough

Cole Smithey's Mr. Holmes review

Even if “Mr. Holmes” isn’t much more than a picturesque showcase, that’s enough, says Cole Smithey. Here’s his “Mr. Holmes” review. It’s Movie Week! Check it out right here, plus this week’s guilty pleasure and DVD picks …

aNewDomain — Even if “Mr. Holmes” is not much more than a picturesque showcase for an actor to mesmerize us once again, that is enough. In this portrayal of an aging Sherlock Holmes, Ian McKellan is absolutely brilliant. Laura Linney is a disappointment.

I give “Mr. Holmes” a B on my latest episode of Cole Smithey’s Movie Week, my short movie-review show. It’s watchable in place below.

This week my Sleeper Pick is “The Look of Silence” (2015).

“A Hard Day” is my Guilty Pleasure Pick. My must-have DVDs this week are “Limelight” (1952), “Grantchester” (2015) and “Spider Baby” (1968).

Enjoy your movie week. For aNewDomain and BMod, I am Cole Smithey.

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