How to Add the Hibernate Option to the Windows 8.1 Power Button

Brian Burgess
Written by Brian Burgess

Microsoft has made Windows 8.1 easier to shut down, but there still a glaring omission — the absence of the Hibernate option. Here’s how you get it back. — Shutting down Windows 8.1 is easier than shutting down Windows 8 is. That’s because the first time you want to power down your system you’ll see a glaring omission. There’s no Hibernate option. There only are options to Shutdown, Restart, or put your system in Sleep mode. Here’s how to add the Hibernate option to the Windows 8.1 power button. You just need to configure some power settings first.

Windows 8.1 Power Out of the Box

How to add the Hibernate option to the Windows 8.1 power button …

To add the Hibernate option, hit the keyboard shortcut Windows Key + W to open the Search Settings.

Type: power options

Then, under the results, click Change what the power buttons do


Next the System Settings window will open on the desktop. You’ll see that options in this section are grayed out. So at the top click the option to Change settings that are currently unavailable.


This lets you make changes to what happens when you hit the physical power button on your system, require a password when waking from sleep, and what we’re doing here – adding Hibernate.

Under Shutdown Settings, check the Hibernate box. Make sure to save your changes.


Now you’ll see the Hibernate option when you use the Power button from the modern UI.


Or, if you right-click the Start button on the desktop, the Hibernate option will appear there, too.


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