Wasting Time? Top 10 Time Killers Infographic

top 10 time killers pocket watch
Written by Gina Smith

Ever get the feeling that you are wasting your time? Get things under control and check out the Top 10 Time Killers infographic right here. It’s a start …

aNewDomain — Ever gotten to the end of the workday and wondered exactly where all the hours went? According to Peter Drucker, widely acclaimed as the founder of modern management, “Time is the scarcest resource, and unless it is managed, nothing else can be managed.” Wise words, but they’re useless until you have the courage to wise up to the fact that you may be wasting your time — and resolve to do things differently.

The infographic below, courtesy the folks at OfficeTime, is a good place to start if you’ve resolved to analyze where your time is going, which of course is the first step toward getting things under control. Check it out.

top 10 time killers infographic

Top 10 Time Killers InfographicOfficeTime via Visual.ly

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Featured image: Longines Pocket Watch by Gerry Lauzon via Flickr