Trey Ratcliff Photo of the Day: Paragliding in New Zealand

Here’s the Trey Ratcliff photo of the day — and an amazing video showing his paragliding adventures in New Zealand. — Our Trey Ratcliff is learning to paraglide. Check out the Trey Ratcliff photo of the day, below, and his video below that. Intense.


Image: Trey Ratcliff via StuckinCustoms

If you ever head to Infinity Paragliding, you’d better be ready for Swanny (pictured above) to take care of you. I promise he’ll teach you to sail around — with the greatest of ease, too. In the shot above, check out how Swanny is commanding the mountain. He actually reads the wind before he sends me off on my first solo flight. And all this on just day two of my paragliding testing. He’s amazing.

Check out the video of my paragliding experience in Queenstown, below.

Video: Trey Ratcliff, StuckInCustoms

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