Love Tech: Cuddle Mattress and Weirder, Even Cushier Ideas

Written by Eric Searleman

The slotted Cuddle Mattress allows couples to cuddle up without wrist or arm pain. Here are some other cushy ideas that inspire love, cuddling — and sleep. – Never mind Apple’s lackluster Apple iPhone 5c and 5s announcement of late. Now I know for sure that innovation is well and alive. Look no further than industrial designer and inventor Mehdi Mojtabavi’s slotted cuddle mattress.

The need for a slotted mattress can be traced all the way back to the nineteenth century. That was when people started sleeping on beds made from a beefed up box-spring absorbing pad.

So Mojtabavi’s prime directive was to allow couples to cuddle in bed without any wrist or arm problems. It’s awful to wake up with a painful wrist that’s fallen asleep longer than you have. People like to cuddle in bed, Mojtabavi saw. But the solution to physically uncomfortable cuddling turned out to be simple — though elusive at first. Check this out.

Cuddle Mattress
Image credit: Cuddle Mattress

The cuddle mattress is sliced up into slats. This allows you to wrap your arm around your partner without being crushed. The company claims it will help you not only sleep better but also, and I quote, “cuddle longer.”

Now here is an idea everyone ought to embrace. Unless you hate cuddling. For what it’s worth, you can help. Mojtabavi says he is currently looking for investors — check out his video here so he can bring his invention to market. Here’s the video. Scroll below to see other lovetech mattress ideas I came up with in case this one doesn’t make it.

Cuddle Mattress from Mehdi Mojtabavi on Vimeo.

As I said, the Cuddle Mattress got me thinking about other ideas for alternative mattresses inventor Mojtabavi might consider.

The Foam Pit

Imagine a bed made up of hundreds of tiny foam cubes. How fun would that be? Answer: A lot of fun!

To be heartily recommended by kids and gymnasts and hybrids of the two, the foam cube mattress will have you diving into bed every night.

The Ice Pack Mattress

People in certain parts of the world have been sleeping on slabs of ice for centuries. It’s time to bring that iceteche rest of the world. Think of all the health benefits you’ll receive from exposing your entire body to a mattress-sized ice cube. Just make sure to wear some insulated PJs — and maybe a wetsuit.

The Bed-Filled Room

Most people sleep in bedrooms. These private bat-caves usually include a bed, an armoire, some nightstands, a clotheshorse and maybe a TV. I say it’s high time to get rid of all that extraneous stuff and introduce a mattress that extends from wall to wall.

That’s right, one giant mattress that takes up the entire room. A secondary business would be selling pads and sheets for the thing.

The Pressure Point Mattress

Shoes with pressure point soles stimulate blood flow and trigger positive nerve stimulation. Why not transfer that same acupressure technology to the mattress you sleep on? Make mattress give you a massage while you sleep. It’s perfect for the incurable multitasker. And, when combined with The “Bed-Filled Room,” it will make for endless romping and sleeping fun.

The Earth Mattress

The people who swear by the Earth Shoe and all its subsequent imitators have long crowed about the designs oddly shaped sole and body posture benefits. Why argue with scientific success? It’s time for the Earth Mattress. Akin to a stiff wooden board, the Earth Mattress will do wonders for your back. You want to stand up straight, after all. Sleep on the ground. Or dirt. Whatever does the trick.

The Frankenstein Monster Slab

People suffering from colds and allergies know how frustrating it is to go to bed at night. The day is enough of a struggle, but at night lying supine for five to nine hours wreak’s havoc on the nostrils. The post-nasal drips down the throat and … well, you get the snotty idea.

The solution: a mattress slab that you’re able to crank to an almost vertical position. Like a hospital bed but — less lice-ey. And better all around. Naturally, you’ll have to be strapped in. Whatever it takes.

All jokes aside, cuddling is where it’s at. Mojtabavi’s Cuddle Mattress could well take the pleasure of sleeping to new heights — it’s just a matter of time until it’s on the market. My guess is he’ll have no trouble funding this cushy idea.

For aNewDomain, I’m Eric Searleman.

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