Seventy Years of Batman [infographic]

Written by aNewDomain Staff

Batman never gets old. But here’s how the original tech billionaire has changed in the course of seventy years of Batman. Caped Crusader infographic here.

aNewDomain — Seventy years of Batman? Caped crusaders Batman and Robin have been around nearly three quarters of a century, it’s true, but Batman still speaks relevantly to truth, justice and the American Way — even in dorky tights and despite a lack of Superpowers. Here’s the original tech billionaire as he’s appeared through time …

The Dark Knight and his pal, the Boy Wonder, have definitely evolved since they stole hearts when the Swing Era just started swinging.  Here’s the Seventy Years of Batman infographic, which tracks in detail how Batman’s changed and morphed over time. Check it out. Click to enlarge.

Batman 75 years

by Hugo A. Sanchez, via Visually …