Sandy Berger: CES 2014 Best Displays, Best Smartphones, Best Tech Gallery

Written by Sandy Berger

CES 2014: Our take on the best demo, best booth, most innovative product, best smartphone … and the best tech overall. — This year’s CES 2014 was the largest show in the CES International history. With more than 3,200 exhibitors and a record two million net square feet of exhibit space, there is no way one person could see it all. That said, there were plenty of stand-out products and exceptional exhibits. Here are the best displays, best booths and best tech gadgets I saw at CES 2014.

Best booth display

It is always hard to choose the best booth display as so many of the large manufacturers go all out. This year Samsung had three massive walls of curved OLED screens. They really grabbed my attention. Samsung’s 105-inch curved HDTV and the prototype of its 8K television were jaw-dropping, too. LG’s booth, I should note, featured similar displays of the curved TV screens. But Samsung’s took the prize. Check it out.

Most image credits: Sandy Berger

Samsung booth

Best demo

Although the self-driving cars that took to the pavement at CES 2014 — and the playful drones that took to the air at various CES 2014 press events — were impressive, my vote for best demo goes to a small company called Europlasma.

Europlasma’s demo of its Nanofics (Nanoscaled functionalization into core of complex shaped materials and products) technology was terrific. The firm applied its waterproof coating to sponges. Then it soaked the sponges in a tank of water. The sponges remained dry. Even more impressive was when they did this with a piece of Kleenex tissue.

Most unique smartphone

This award goes to LG for its new G Flex smartphone. Its curved screen is quite unique. So is the self-healing backing on this phone. Scratch the phone case with your keys or a different sharp object and the self-healing backing expands and heals the appearance of the scratch, resulting in an almost-like-new appearance.

G Flex

Best 3D printer display

The 3Doodler is the world’s first 3D drawing pen. It allows you to create 3D objects without complex software. The pen has interchangeable nozzles that let the user extrude plastic in different shapes and sizes. To see it work, check out this aNewDomainTV video from my colleague Alfred Poor. I’m embedding it below.

Video: Alfred Poor for aNewDomain/producer Justin Webb, shooter Justin Grant for aNewDomainTV

Most unique wearable technology

The new Lumo Lift  by Palo Alto-based Lumo BodyTech, is a tiny, colorful flat square that can be worn on a collar or shoulder. It analyzes core body positioning, alerting you when your posture needs realignment. It also tracks steps and calories.

Best computer innovation

The modular Xi3 computer is powerful, but has a small, good-looking form factor. Its removable, replaceable boards are housed in a small cube-like aluminum casing measuring 4.27 inches or less per side. The case is also modular in nature allowing for extremely-easy customization. Here’s a piece on the Xi3 from aNewDomain’s Ant Pruitt. Also, watch for Ant’s video on the Xi3 and an in-depth piece from Alfred Poor’s perpective here on

Best press party

I have to give an award to Steve Leon’s ShowStoppers, a wonderful press show which this year featured about 120 of the best exhibitors at CES 2014. The food and drink was first class as was the quality of the exhibits.

Photo credit: Gina Smith for

Here’s a shot of our team, which hosted a live feed from ShowStoppers.

Back row: Ant Pruitt, Mat Lee, Chris Miller, Marc Klempf, Tom Ewing, Lamont Wood, Justin Grant. Front row: Mike Olsen, Gina Smith, Kerry Kinsey. (CES 2014 team not pictured: Sandy Berger, Alfred Poor, Todd Townsend)

For, I’m Sandy Berger.

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