World of Warcraft: Raiding The Tanaan Jungle [gallery]

Gul'dan Raid tanaan jungle
Written by Mark Kaelin

In June 2015, a new front in war against the Iron Horde emerged. It’s time to raid World of Warcraft’s Tanaan Jungle. Ready? Mark Kaelin shows us how. Gallery.

aNewDomain — Are you ready for the Tanaan Jungle?

World of Warcraft” has expanded the Iron Horde storyline of the “Warlords of Draenor” expansion with a new battlefront. It is set in the Tanaan Jungle — the stronghold of the evil Gul’dan.

Gul’dan and his demonic friends of the Burning Legion have unleashed massive amounts of fel energy in the jungle. The flow is coming from Hellfire Citadel — that must be where Gul’dan is making his stand.

I braved the deep, dark depths of the Tanaan Jungle and took a few snapshots along the way. Here’s a gallery of my adventures.

Naval Base tanaan jungle

One of the new mini-games in Patch 6.2 is the naval base. Each player, by completing a few quests, can establish a naval base and conduct operations on the seas of Draenor.

Jungle Stronghold tanaan jungle

As part of your quest to establish a naval base you’ll also create a stronghold. This will be your base of operations in the jungle.

Flight Path tanaan jungle

It’ll also be your connection to the rest of Draenor via a flight path.

Felforge tanaan jungle

One of the more prominent areas here is the Felforge, where Fel Orcs are performing some disturbing rituals.

Felforge WMD tanaan jungle

It looks like the Fel Orcs are trying to create a fel-powered machine of mass destruction. Something is going to have to be done about this.

Ironhold Harbor tanaan jungle

The clans of the Iron Horde are getting supplies via the Ironhold Harbor.

Supply lines tanaan jungle

Cutting off those supplies is going to be vital to the war effort.

Zeth’gol tanaan jungle

This is Zeth’gol, the capital of the Bleeding Hollow. There are abominations galore here.

Iron Front tanaan jungle

The Iron Front is where we hold the line. Lose here and the rest of Draenor will be lost.

Combat tanaan jungle

Of course, that’s not going to be easy.

Dark Portal tanaan jungle

Here’s what remains of the Dark Portal we destroyed. At least Azeroth is safe.

Hellfire Citadel tanaan jungle

This is Hellfire Citadel after Gul’dan has corrupted it. Creepy.

Gul'dan Raid tanaan jungle

We are going to need a full company to raid this stronghold.

Fel corruption tanaan jungle

Gul’dan’s fel magic has corrupted everything in the Tanaan Jungle, even its plants and animals.

Supreme Lord Kazzak tanaan jungle

This is Supreme Lord Kazzak. You’re going to need more than a few friends to take him down.

Flying tanaan jungle

In other parts of the “World of Warcraft” universe, individual players are allowed to fly using their own personal mounts, but not here in the “Warlords of Draenor” expansion. At least, not yet.

But if you complete a series of quests and gain reputation with the right factions, you’ll eventually be able to fly using your own mount. Until then, you have to rely on public transportation in the form of flight paths. Good thing the mounts are so feathery.

Rewards tanaan jungle

Questing in Tanaan Jungle is not for the faint of heart, but the rewards players can reap from their adventures is well worth the danger. Good luck.

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All screenshots: Mark Kaelin