Jimmy Fallon: XBox Is Proof Microsoft Totally Gets The Cannabis Business

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Written by Tom Ewing

Microsoft, in partnership with Los Angeles-based Kind Financial, is entering the cannabis industry. Here’s what Late Night host Jimmy Fallon had to say about it. [video]

aNewDomain — Microsoft announced last week that it is entering the cannabis business, the first major tech company to publicly do so. (Oracle has reportedly been working with the cannabis biz in New York for awhile.) The software behemoth is partnering with Kind Financial, which makes tools to help cannabis companies navigate all the red tape and regulations they encounter. Kind’s Seed to Sale service will be available via its Azure cloud computing platform.

As you might expect, Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon had a ton of fun with the announcement. In his “pros and cons of Microsoft getting into the weed business” gag, Fallon noted that Microsoft has already shown itself to be a cannabis natural.  “There’s already proof that Microsoft and marijuana work well together,” he said. “It’s called XBox.” Check out the segment below.

For aNewDomain, I’m T.E. Wing.