Pros and Cons of Exotic Cars

Written by Brian Wallace

For young men, the dream of becoming successful and buying an exotic car is shared by most of them, especially as such cars act as symbols that represent success and wealth. However, this dream isn’t only limited to young men, but almost everyone, given how amazing exotic cars generally are. They are luxurious, fast, and designed to impress just about anyone. Nonetheless, you should realize that like every other car, there are cons and flaws to these luxurious vehicles. So, before spending six or more figures on an exotic car, you should note and consider the pros and cons of such cars. Highlighted below are a few pros and cons of exotic cars. 

Advantages of Exotic Cars

  • Excellent performance and speed: As aforestated, the most prominent factor of exotic cars is their speed, as well as their performance. Under the hood of any average exotic car usually consists of a high-performance V6 or V8 engine, and sometimes an even larger engine. This ensures that most exotic cars can easily acetate between 400 and 600 horsepower, and more while attaining speeds of 220 MPH and rising. 
  • Prestige: As you can imagine, the cost of obtaining an exotic car surely puts you in a particular economic bracket that not many people can enter. This will be able to raise your status and prestige in the eyes of society. It could even provide you with added confidence.
  • Better safety: A great advantage of exotic cars is that they are remarkably safer than regular cars. Owners and passengers of exotic cars enjoy better safety as a result of the full compliments of airbags and additional technology like traction control and more. 
  • Investment/resale value: Another great fact about certain exotic cars is that they appreciate and end up having amazing resale value, which makes excellent investments. However, this isn’t the case for most exotic cars, but rather limited-edition exotic cars, that are manufactured and released in limited numbers. For instance, people who sell Rolls Royce cars will tell you that they get great offers on both the new and used models.

Disadvantages of Exotic Cars

  • Cost of insurance: A weird fact about exotic cars is that since they cost more, insuring them costs just as much. For first-time buyers of such exotic vehicles, this often comes as a shock, especially since exotic car owners pay about 100% more than the average car owner. 
  • Cost of fuel: Many exotic cars do not drink gallons of gas, rather they don’t use regular gas at all. A lot of exotic cars hardened with high-performance engines, often utilize premium gas, which means more money at the pump. 

Repairs are a headache: It will cost almost an arm and a leg to be able to fix an exotic car – especially if its issue is a major one. Their parts are not cheap and easy to find, so you’ll have to contend with this in case you’re in a scenario where you have to repair your car.