Acision Fuze for Android, Apple iOS: Messaging Freeware on Steroids

Our Alfred Poor checked out Acision’s Fuze for Android and iOS. Here’s his analysis of the new freeware, plus news on Acision’s Forge API. Does the world really need another messaging app? Find out why in this analysis, commentary piece — plus video. — You might wonder why the world needs another communication app in a field that is already dominated by Google+, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and a bunch of others. Acision execs say their app, Fuze for Acision, fills a real need for Android and Apple iOS mobile users who want to pull it all under one roof and get added tech, too.

You may never have heard of Acision. That’s because historically Acision is a business-to-business concern. It provides mobile services for carriers, like its popular GoToMeeting split-screen product.

But at Mobile World Congress (MWC 2014) here in Barcelona, reps were demonstrating the firm’s new Fuze all-in-one mobile communication client. It’s currently a white label service that carriers can rebrand and sell as their own. But Acision is also now offering a consumer app — Fuze for Android and Apple iOS — that relies on Acision’s own servers and infrastructure.

Check out the my video with Acision’s J.M. Sullivan below to get more on the story — and an answer to the question of why we need another messaging application. Scroll below the video for more details.

Video: Alfred Poor for aNewDomain and aNewDomainTV/shooter Al Green and exec producer Justin Webb for aNewDomainTV.

So what can you do with Fuze for Android and iOS? Watch this space for my upcoming aNewDomainTV piece to see for yourself. Essentially, it offers the usual text and video chat functions, camera-sharing and other typical functions. But it also has a split screen feature, so you can drag and drop content on your mobile phone from one app to another for sharing.

Acision Fuze for Android and Apple iOS also supports WebRTC and lets you set up content channels that you can share, too.

Fuze for Android is available for Android tablets and smartphones at Google Play — and Fuze for iOS is here in iTunes.

mwc2014fuzeforandroidsnapAlso at the show, Acision announced its Forge application programming interface (API). The API lets enterprises, developers and carriers create apps that support IP messaging, SMS, voice connectivity and intelligent routing for mobile and web apps. Apps are manageable and accessible via Acision’s cloud, reps said.

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