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money tracker
Written by Cassandra Chin

If you’re saving up for a vacation or want to track your daily spending habits, Money Tracker for Android will help you take control of your cash.

aNewDomain — It’s so easy to spend a dollar here, 10 bucks there, 25 bucks on this or that. It’s really no wonder most of us are scraping by on just a few dollars by the end of the week. Sometimes you just don’t notice how much you’re spending throughout the month. That morning cup of coffee doesn’t seem expensive, but when you buy one every day it really adds up. Here’s where Money Tracker for Android can help.

Manage and Monitor Your Money

Want to track your daily spending? Saving up for a vacation or a big purchase? Money Tracker can help you manage your spending and really see where all your dollars are going. The app is easy to set up and a breeze to learn. Launch by logging in with your name and the title or description of your budget.

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Add a new entry by tapping the + sign in the top right corner of the screen.

Then type in the item name, what you purchased, how much you spent and the date it occurred.

As you type in your entry, you can select among several different categories, including: general, groceries, household bills, salary, transport, entertainment, medical and sport.

Money Tracker 2

You can also choose to create your own new category if none of these are quite what you need. For income-related entries, you can easily click to change it to “income.”

Though there are many money-managing apps available, such as Spending Tracker, Daily Money or Money Tab, I find Money Tracker’s clean lines much easier to follow and oversee. It’s easy to add or edit additional notes for each entry made. Plus the app’s ability to create multiple accounts allows you to separate personal and work accounts.

I would like to see a calendar option rather than the listed format. I’m much more visual and prefer to see my expenses/income via red/blue markers on a day-to-day format, instead of scrolling up and down to see the month’s history.

For those who prefer a darker setting, the Holo UI also lets you choose between a light and dark background.

The app also shows statistics via graphs on how much was spent, purchased, gained or lost in a month, including category distribution. At the moment, the app does not allow you to merge documents to calculate overall expenditures over several months.

If you have a transaction that you complete every month, whether it’s to your savings account or paying for your phone bills, the app makes it easy to make one transaction repeat itself.

Money Tracker 3

Another great thing about Money Tracker is that it can be backed up onto Google Drive, Dropbox and local cloud-stream accounts. It’s also easily accessible on your mobile device or tablet via widget format. The Money Tracker app requires Android 2.2 or higher.

Financial management is a skill many of us don’t learn when we’re growing up, so you end up learning as you transition from high school to college to paying your own bills. Mistakes can prove costly.

As for me, it’s time to make a budget for next year’s trip! Money Tracker for Android is my choice for how to ensure I’m planning well.

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