Mostly Mobile Reviews #2: Evernote Moleskine and Pebble

In this edition of their Mostly Mobile Reviews, Todd Ogasawara and Jon Westfall discuss Evernote Moleskine and Pebble watches. See the video here. — In Mostly Mobile Reviews #2, Todd Ogasawara takes a look at the Evernote Moleskine Notebook (paper variety) by Moleskine after using it for over a year. The true test of a product is whether someone uses it after the initial, new product honeymoon period. Is it still useful a year later? Jon Westfall takes a look at the original Pebble smartwatch and the more-recent Pebble Steel, bringing us up to date on this product line.

Find out what Todd and Jon have to say about popular productivity tool Evernote Moleskine and the very cool Pebble smartwatch. We’d love to hear your comments.

For with Todd and Jon’s Weekly Review Spotlight, I’m Todd Ogasawara.