Meet Tim Downs: Award-Winning Illustrator, Columnist,

Meet Tim Downs. He illustrated the NYT best-selling book How Computers Work and the stunning How Digital Photography Works. Now he’s at — We’re psyched to announce that award-winning illustrator and writer Tim Downs is joining our team here at aNewDomain. I worked with him during my long tenure at Ziff Davis two decades ago, and it’s a joy to have him back in the fold.

Tim is the illustrator of The New York Times best-selling book How Computers Work. He also is part of the genius behind the graphically stunning How Digital Photography Works. Tim has worked for PC/Computing magazine, Smart Business For the New Economy, IBM’s Secured, InfoWorld, and many other consumer and business technology and lifestyle magazines.

With a never-ending desire to understand how the world around us works — and a thirst to find out and describe how the machines we create function — Tim is renowned for his ability to disseminate the most-complex processes in the most-visually explosive and conceptually-clear way possible. Tim has won numerous awards for his illustrations, informational graphics, magazine designs and book designs. He lives and works in San Diego with his wife and two computer literate children.


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