Mark W. Kaelin: If Your Android Phone Is Sluggish, Try This

Written by Mark Kaelin

Over time, digital junk can pile up on your smartphone. Clean Master 6.0 is a utility that will help you speed things up, says Mark W. Kaelin …

aNewDomainmark-kaelin-mark-w-kaelin-anewdomain — Admit it. You abuse your smartphone. We all do.

We install and then uninstall apps on our devices based on whims without regard to what files, folders, app remnants, and other junk get left behind and then wonder why our devices seem to get sluggish over time. It is not our best side.

That’s why it is such a good thing to know there are ways to restore our devices to their more pristine condition and to counteract the daily abuse we put them through. Cheetah Mobile’s Clean Master 6.0 is a highly-rated app that can remove junk files from your Android smartphone and so much more.

This latest version was released in September 2017 to coincide with the app’s 5-year anniversary.

To commemorate it, the firm this week came out with an infographic to demonstrate just how many junk files their app cleans on an average day. Considering that the Clean Master app has been downloaded over 900 million times, that’s a huge installed base.

Let that sink in for a second—that’s thousands of terabytes per day, 365 days per year, every year. Can there be any doubt about how much we abuse our digital devices?




For aNewDomain, I’m Mark W. Kaelin.