The Indispensable Thursday Show with Sable And Dave: Episode 44 [podcast]

Written by Sable Cantus

This week on The Indispensable Thursday Show Sable and Dave discuss horror with Gordon Miller from CinemaSentries.

indespensible_logo-580x580aNewDomain — The weekly edition of The Indispensable Thursday Show With Sable And Dave is here.

In this week’s episode (No. 45), “Hot Pastrami and Scary Movies,” Sable and Dave share the mic with special guest Gordon Miller from to talk about pastrami sandwiches from The Hat, growing up in Orange County, CA, the new Apple TV, and oh, yeah, we do talk about our scary movie pick for this Halloween — 1979’s “The Changeling” starring George C. Scott, which you can and should immediately stream for free on YouTube.

Sable also reveals the origin of his fear of scary movies. It’s horrible.

Join us for this special Halloween episode with our guest Gordon Miller.

Not quite safe for work, but not too inflammatory. As usual, you can find us on our website, Twitter and a host of other podcast applications. Or just click the button below. Enjoy!