The Indispensable Thursday Show with Sable And Dave: Episode 42 [podcast]

the indispensable thursday show with sable and dave hit the quan arizion
Written by Sable Cantus

This week on The Indispensable Thursday Show Sable and Dave discuss bidets, “Pixels” and “The Martian,” and the intensity of Star Wars fans.

The Indispensable Thursday Show with Sable and DaveaNewDomain — The weekly edition of The Indispensable Thursday Show With Sable And Dave is here. This week’s episode (No. 42), “Hit the Quan, Arizion,” goes deep on Adam Sandler’s “Pixels” and Ridley Scott’s “The Martian” (spoilers, surely), Bidets in Italy, how to attach such a thing to your own toilet and the essence of Star Wars fans. These are all important and pertinent topics to be listened to.

Also, enjoy the randomness of SEO hits based on “Hit the Quan.”

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