St Patrick’s Day 2013 Video How to Find a Real Four Leaf Clover

Written by Jeremy Lesniak

How to Find a Real Four Leaf Clover Video — it’s the money. This YouTube broadcaster shows you just how easy it is to find the four-leafed varietal of the typical clover. Also, check out the video on how to make a four-leaf clover in origami. Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2013. — UPDATE March 17, 2013: Four leaf clovers aren’t just everywhere, you know. But as you see below from this clever how to find a real four leaf clover video on YouTube, it’s easier than you think. Amazing.

A lucky sign attacked to the St. Patrick’s Day feast celebrated by the Irish and would-be Irish every year on March 17, the four leaf clover is a genetic variation of the standard three leaf clover. The three leaves, according to ancient culture that predates the Celts, stand for love, hope and faith, respectively.

The fourth means luck.

Finding a four leaf clover among a ton of regular clovers is easier than ever. You’ll see why in the YouTube video below. It’s incredible. Scroll below this to find a How To video for making a four-leaf clover using the origami method.

Video Source: YFUATIW Channel

While you’re looking for your four-leaf clover luck, check out five and even six leaf clovers. Such mutations of the standard clover, which are especially common to the San Francisco Bay area this time of year, are well documented.

Ever found a four leaf clover? Send one to us and we’ll post it this week — or make your own, as our senior contributor, artist, musician and entrepreneur, Jonathan Hoffberg, did, below.

He told me he started with four white coffee cups and a knife.

four leaf clover

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Here’s how to make a four-leaf clover out of origami.

Video Source: “>JoostLangeVeld Channel
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