Know Your Weed: The Five Best Cannabis Strain Infographics Now

cannabis strains infographics
Written by T.E. Wing

Having trouble telling the difference between your heavy Sativas and your clear Indicas? Check out these five great cannabis strain infographics …

aNewDomain — Having trouble keeping your clear and heavy sativas straight, much less distinguishing the relative benefits between clear and even hybrids, the next two infographics are for you. Scroll below the fold to check out three other other cannabis strain infographics we like.

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understanding Cannabis strain infographics

Here’s a closer look.

best cannabis strain infographic cannabis strains

PCC 7 cannabis strain infographics:

The below cannabis strain infographic is from Leafly. It’s an interactive map that digs into the top cannabis strains in various straights.

cannabis strain infographics

Infographic: Leafly

The below infographic bills itself as a “connoisseur’s” guide to marijuana strains. It doesn’t disappoint.

cannabis strains a guide infographic


Finally, there’s the simple yet informative Sativa vs Indica infographic.

Sativa vs Indica

Infographic: Visually

For aNewDomain, I’m Trent Wing.