CES 2015: Goodbye Passwords, Hello Hoyos 1U

Written by Todd Townsend

Why not just use your face as a login. The new app from Hoyos Labs uses your biometrics to replace your usernames and passwords. And it’s free.

aNewDomain — Why not just use your face as your digital signature to log into your favorite websites. You can do that with the new 1U app from Hoyos Labs. It uses your biometrics to replace all your usernames and passwords. Your biometric data is encrypted and stored securely on your device so you no longer have to worry about password safety – with the free 1U app, you’re ultra secure. Finally, we’ve found a good reason for taking a selfie.

For aNewDomain, I’m Todd Townsend.

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  • No way in the world I would use this type of device! Perfect for more info for the gubment/Ooogle, etc. to harvest – YOUR FACE!