— Kpsule transforms marketing assets into interactive experiences deliverable to a variety of platforms. It is a new kind of advertising unit. The company hopes to provide a high-quality user experience and a simple (yet powerful) platform that supports all editorial and ad formats.


Image credit: Kpsule

The French startup boasts that its technology is a must-have for running rich media advertising campaigns. According to Kpsule, which launched in 2009, its technology’s elegance, speed, real-time updates, compatibility with standard ad formats and social networking compatibility make it indispensable.

The Kpsule tool includes a content management system that controls campaigns in real time. Founder and CEO Franz Tournadour says the CMS allows campaign managers to update the contents of any campaign — and the information is live immediately.

Similar to Google’s tools and packages that monitor ad campaigns, Kpsule offers data visualizations that map a campaign’s audience and overall campaign performance. Its dashboard can also drill down, analyze the effectiveness of specific placements, and offer some contextual data.

The ad units — called Kpsules — are built with tracking technologies. Amongst the statistics collected the company also performs analysis of campaign-performance numbers to determine a “recommendation potential” and assess how viral a campaign has become.

Compatibility with Multiple Delivery Channels

With social media dominating Internet traffic — Facebook, for example, usurped Google’s position as the most-trafficked site on the Internet — advertising campaigns across those channels are becoming increasingly important. That’s why Kpsule ensures its ad units are shareable across most major social networks.

More users are accessing the Internet from their mobile devices, as well, accounting for 69 percent of Internet users worldwide, according to a recent Accenture study. And that’s why Kpsule built its technology with both Adobe Flash — which is no longer available on Apple iOS and Android — as well as HTML 5. The HTML 5 ad unit is compatible with most mobile platforms.

Kpsule can also tackle email, offering clients email collection within ad units and elsewhere. It can either collect the data itself or funnel collected addresses directly to clients with a web service.

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