Floating Cities and Tech Utopias (aNewDomainTV)

Our Todd Townsend does a deep dive on the latest thinking around tech utopias and floating cities. It’s aNewDomainTV

aNewDomain.netTV — Do you work in tech? Looking to move? Want to move to a new country — without any government or a government more in line with you? Technological innovation is moving at an exponential pace, while government is still stuck in a relative Stone Age. Some of the biggest thinkers in the technology world are pushing to create “tech utopias,” floating cities where leading innovators can move to and experimentation would take place without any government intervention. Here’s more about floating cities and tech utopias as envisioned by PayPal cofounder Peter Thiel, Google founder Larry Page and others …

Video: senior science ed Todd Townsend with aNewDomain producer Justin Webb, aNewDomainTV

These floating cities would be opt-in — and they would exist within a country or exist as a new country that doesn’t affect the rest of society. At least until the powers that be test the ideas behind them so they are ready to help the world at large. Would you move to a floating city?


Here are some other thoughts on floating cities — and the reverse idea, too. Our Mike Elgan recently proposed that Silicon Valley money should purchase the U.S. government and give it a reboot. Check out Mike Elgan’s piece — and also this piece from policymic.com on why Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Google should together purchase bankrupt Detroit.

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  • It would be great if Silicon Valley had enough money to purchase the U.S. government. But it’s so deeply in debt that 100% confiscation of all of the wealth of every billionaire and millionaire in the U.S. wouldn’t begin to pay it off. Besides, the politicians wouldn’t trade all the money of Silicon Valley for their power.