Fender Gives New Meaning to “Slide Guitar” with New Interface Device

Written by Brant David

The Fender SLIDE offers you the chance to transform your mobile device or computer into a music performance station. Brant David reports for Music Monday.

aNewDomain.net — Legendary guitar maker Fender gives new meaning to the term “slide guitar” with its SLIDE musical instrument interface. This little device lets you transform your computer or mobile tech — iOS, Mac, or PC — into a station for music performance or instrument learning.

Image courtesy of Fender

Image courtesy of Fender

The SLIDE isn’t only for the electric guitar. You can also plug in your electric bass or your keyboard and dive down into either digital-to-analog or analog-to-digital signal conversion. Bi-directional audio allows you to simultaneously monitor audio input and output.

Fender tells us that deep-listening music lovers and musicians will be quite pleased with the audio output quality that you get through the SLIDE by way of its Dynamic Range Expansion wiring. This technology has been designed to yield maximum dynamic audio range and signal-to-noise ratio within the 24-bit, or 48 kHZ, output.

Fender has also equipped the sleek, curvy device with an independent volume control and a mix wheel for more precise control over the input of the dry (non-effects) signal. The company tells us that its engineers had ergonomic design in mind with the SLIDE’s structure and its controls access.

Image courtesy of Fender

Image courtesy of Fender

Using either the iOS or USB cables which come with the device, you can plug your instrument into the front end and your computer, tablet, or smartphone into the back end. Your instrument interfaces with whatever recording or learning software you run. A separate audio output jack lets you listen to yourself through headphones or lets your audience hear you through an amplifier.

The SLIDE is powered by the computer or mobile tech that it’s hooked into. Simplicity itself!

To help you with your recording efforts, Fender has bundled a version of IK Multimedia’s AmpliTube, amp, and FX modeling suite. And just in case you desire help with learning or giving instrument instruction to others, the company has also bundled in a complete version of the Rock Prodigy app.

This is a big thing in a small package that can help a musician or music student through all this computerization making modern music. The company has suggested a retail price of U.S. $150.

For aNewDomain.net, I’m Brant David.

Based in New Jersey, Brant David is a senior writer for aNewDomain.net. Follow him at +Brant David on Google+ and Brant@aNewDomain.net.


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