The Indispensable Thursday Show with Sable And Dave [Episode 41]

the indispensable show with sable and dave The-POPENER
Written by Sable Cantus

This week on The Indispensable Thursday Show Sable and Dave discuss the stunning and trash-filled Rome, Jerry Brown and Israeli “settlements.”

The Indispensable Thursday Show with Sable and DaveaNewDomain — The weekly edition of The Indispensable Thursday Show With Sable And Dave is here. This week’s episode (No. 41) follows the tales of Sable in Rome, complete with cat sanctuaries, gaudy Popeners and rampant mosquitos.

Other topics include the crazy Jerry Brown, Israeli “settlements,” the rap-star bodyguard in Dave’s back seat and so much more.

Not quite safe for work, but not too inflammatory. As usual, you can find us on our website and a host of other podcast applications. Or just click the button below. Enjoy!

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