Donald Trump Appeals to Our Best Instincts

President donald trump ?
Written by Frank Visa

Donald Trump rises and America falls. There’s no need to be nice anymore. Let’s be honest … or at least honest with our feelings. Skewed.

SKEWEDNews/aNewDomain — It’s clear why Donald Trump tops the polls at 33 percent. He appeals to the hopes and dreams of all Americans. We dream of a country where we can openly call Mexicans rapists and murderers. That is our God given right of freedom of speech.

donald trump hope Americans are mad as hell that a scientist like Tim Hunt can be fired for flippantly saying that working with women is difficult because they fall in love with you — or you fall in love with them (because that’s on them, too).

We want a world where someone can finally call Rosie O’Donnell a pig and imply that the uppity Megyn Kelly has blood coming out of her whatever. We want to unapologetically insist Carly Fiorina’s face is unelectable. We want to build walls and yell at everyone to get off our lawn.

Americans are pent up. We say nice things to each other, we apoligize for brushing past one another in the grocery store, but our real feelings have been boiling behind a closed door.

Trump has opened the door. He says enough with nice — it’s time to call people, big groups of people, precisely what they’re not. Wait …

For aNewDomain, I’m Frank Visa.

Featured image: Donald Trump by Gage Skidmore via Flickr

Graph: Dino Londis