BlackBerry 10 Review, Z10 Smartphone Hands On: BlackBerry Today

Written by Chris Miller

BlackBerry, formerly known as RIM of Waterloo, Canada, might be losing marketshare at breakneck pace. But the recently unveiled BlackBerry 10 OS and smartphones that run on it have corporate heads turning. The BlackBerry traditionally dominated workplaces because it was ready made for IT security. Is it too late? Our Chris Miller gets down and dirty with a BlackBerry 10 review — live on video from IBM Connect — in this fast-paced and deep tech video episode of BlackBerry Today. Is it possible anyone will turn back for this tech. His answer will surprise you. — It’s our Chris Miller with a hands-on BlackBerry 10 review — and a brand new BlackBerry device in hand. Chris checks out this first BlackBerry 10 smartphone — look, no keyboard — and employs it for a full, deep dive BlackBerry 10 review.

The Waterloo, Canada smartphone firm is going eponymous, too. Struggling Research in Motion renamed itself BlackBerry at its January 30 unveiling of the new BlackBerry 10 OS and the smartphones built around it. Click here to watch the Chris Miller Blackberry 10 review and to get some deep perspective. It’s episode 21 of his BlackBerry Today podcast, shot live from IBM Connect and Lotusphere 2013.

Chris checks out the user interface on the look and feel, plus new BlackBerry OS features like BlackBerry Balance for work and personal modes, the Remember and Flow features and improved BBM services with video and screensharing, See how they stack up in this BlackBerry 10 review on the newly renamed company’s first BlackBerry 10 offering, which is keyboard-free.

Chris also looks at the performance of native apps, auto fill-in and predictive text, multitasking and more. It’s BlackBerry Today. Great deep dive review.