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Written by Becket Morgan

If you want to listen to radio stations nearby or from across the globe, check out TuneIn Radio.

aNewDomain — The rise of the smartphone has made many other devices and even industries virtually obsolete. Walkmans are gone, CDs are dead and even cable companies are struggling, but radio, that time-tested medium, is still holding up. Yes, listeners are down since the advent of the podcast, and the ease of acquiring information, but radio is still going strong. Even local radio. You can find local, national and international stations with your handy smartphone (goodbye cars!) with TuneIn Radio.

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Living in central Vermont, it’s tough for me to click on any app and actually find something that’s truly local. A click on the TuneIn Radio “local” section of the homepage, though, and I immediately see dozens of local radio stations. With more than 100,000 stations to choose from, you’re likely to find something local too.

TuneIn is essentially a directory of audio streams that are available via the Internet. Want to listen to the local news in Orlando or catch up with what the New York City radio stations are saying about the Yankees this week? You can use TuneIn Radio to tap into those radio streams and more.

tunein radio screenshotIt’s a great app to have on your device when you’re travelling at home or abroad since you can listen to stations from home or detect local stations wherever you happen to be. Be careful though — the streaming audio can consume tons of data, so make sure you’re listening on Wi-Fi.

TuneIn Radio is one of the partnered services for Google Cast for Audio so if you’re looking to stream your stations right through your Wi-Fi Cast-enabled speakers, you’ll be good to go. If you want to learn more about what’s new with Google Cast for Audio, check out this article by aNewDomain’s Mark Kaelin.

I’m likely to continue using my smartphone for just about all of my listening needs, and I’m glad there’s an option to listen to the radio when I get the urge. TuneIn Radio is free and available for Android on Google Play, Apple iOSWindows Phone and via web browser.

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