Alfred Poor: What to Consider Before Buying a New HDTV (video)

Written by Alfred Poor

Our Alfred Poor did a great piece for aNewDomain on buying 4K TVs and a stellar video for slashdot-tv on buying a new HDTV. Find both here. — Are you getting a new HDTV this fall or over the holidays? A lot of people will be, given that 50-inch plus HDTVs sunk way below the $999 U.S. price mark more than seven years ago. So if it’s that time for you, here’s what you should consider — before buying a new HDTV.

Here’s my video from SlashdotTV regarding what you need to know about HDTV. Embedded below.

For Alfred Poor’s piece on 4K TVs on why they make for better TVs but worse monitors, click here.

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