A Fatty No More: How To Lose Weight and Avoid Cancer Now [infographic]

how to lose weight and avoid cancer now link between weight and cancer
Written by T.E. Wing

New research suggests a link between cancer and body weight. This infographic details the study, and explains an easy, efficient way to start losing fat now. [infographic]

aNewDomain — Today’s infographic is based on the latest research linking obesity to various cancers. But it doesn’t just leave you there. It also includes research around the fastest, easiest and most effective ways to finally start losing some of the extra baggage right now. Click to enlarge.

causes of cancer

Infographic: StopProcrasinating.com

For aNewDomain, I’m T.E. Wing.

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  • Some body changes that occur as a result of weight loss suggest it may, indeed, reduce cancer risk. For example, overweight or obese people who intentionally lose weight have reduced levels of certain hormones that are related to cancer risk, such as insulin, estrogens, and androgens. Let’s lose some weight! learn more about healthy diet method on my website..